Improve outcomes for all children, young people and their families
Be reassured and confident you can deliver your service specification
Use evidenced based statistical information to allocate resources
Ensure a radical update in prevention and public health services
Embed person and community-centred approaches in the delivery of local services
Sustain positive outcomes overtime through working together in partnership with other agencies and professionals
Use a structured process to increase integrated working across all children’s services
Empower children, young people and their families to take control over their own health, wellbeing and care

TLM-four key benefits for Commissioners

1: Stop problems Escalating for Individuals and Populations and Ultimately Reduce Waiting List Times

2: Use Local, Live Aggregated Data at the Push of a Button, to Direct and Evidence Your Resource Allocation

3: Improve Integrated Working Across All Children’s Services, Using Locally Driven Priorities to Engage in a Shared Purpose

4: Substantiate and Increase Multi-Agency Preventative Services, Using Universal Early Identification and Measured Outcomes

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