A young child aged 10 years old was completing The Lancaster Model year 6 questionnaires via the HAPI Portal. The child raised his hand and asked the nurse supervising the class session, “Does the question that says – Do you have any concerns and worries about your safety – mean safety in the street or at home?”

The Nurse replied “It can mean either, if you are concerned or worried about your safety at all you can tick the box and get help and support”.

The child ticked the box and then asked to see the Nurse in private, they then sadly disclosed how they was being abused and neglected at home. The outcome of this was an immediate visit to home from Social Services and the Police, resulting in a Child Protection Plan and safety strategy. This young man is now receiving 1-2-1 support from the school nurse team and is currently a child in need with social worker input.

If the child had not had the opportunity to express his concerns and worries via the HAPI Portal, he may have continued to accept the situation which could have ultimately resulted in a far worse outcome.

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